From 26 June 2018 Michele, the accountant, my dad, left us. For me and my family it was another bad blow. We still had so many things to do together! Michele represented everything to me and I to him. I know that our love will never end and I will never stop thanking him for having created and raised me with all the passion and tenacity that has always distinguished him. Michele Quartarella: a great entrepreneur, but above all a great man! He continues to live in us and I always try to convey his presence to everyone with everything that represents him, his historic tiles and taps, his plants, his flowers, his red sofa… Nicola, Daniela, Wanda and all the collaborators, as promised to Michele, continue to take care of me, and today we continue to be united and to work as he taught us: to move forward with seriousness and determination and to look to the future with optimism. Hence the idea of ​​this brand new site. Times change and I decided that I had to be beautiful and charming even on the web and on social networks. Browsing you get an idea of ​​me today: who my family is, my staff, what products and services we offer. I will always update the site to keep you informed of all the news and all the activities we constantly do to promote products and services. As a forty-year-old, I won't hide from you that I am attached to good old habits, therefore, in addition to visiting me on the web, I invite you to come and visit me live. Today, as in my early days, I love the people who cross the threshold of my entrance and who, after a while, already feel at home. Our staff, in addition to being trained and competent, is very good at welcoming customers, putting them at ease and understanding what they need to recommend the right products and solutions. It is no coincidence that my slogan is:

Edil Habitat, your home in good hands!